Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can Kids Really Get it?

Here's a great article affirming that children are born persons and with aid of the Holy Spirit, capable of understanding deep theological truth.

Can kids get it?How parents can help their children see the love of the lamb in the reality of the cross

by Rebecca Grace

From an early age, I knew there was something special about Easter. Once my eyes were opened to it, the reason for Easter became bigger in my life every year that I grew. The same is true today as I become increasingly grateful for the work of the cross. I was blessed as a child to learn about the death and resurrection of Christ, but the theological framework of that teaching was weak. So I recently asked three different church leaders in separate interviews how to best teach children about Easter. Their responses were uncoordinated but their consensus the same: Use the Word of God to communicate the truth of the Resurrection; rely on the Holy Spirit to work in the child’s heart; and celebrate every Lord’s day as if it were Resurrection Sunday.Below, the teachers offer, in their own words, sound ways to help you make an eternal investment in your children this Easter and throughout their lives. More....

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