Monday, April 6, 2009

We Have Guests!

I am happy to announce that we have, not only one but, two bird couples who feel comfortable enough to set up housekeeping in our very own backyard! After much commotion and considerable negotiation, it was decided quite amicably in the end, that Mr.& Mrs. Black-capped Chickadee would reside in the Crepe Myrtle Bluebird Birdhouse.

Look fast and you'll see Mrs. Chickadee running errands, gathering more household items.

Furthermore, Mr. & Mrs. Carolina Wren, for reasons unbeknownst to us, decided and are satisfied to build their home in between our chimney and recycling bin.

We are more than happy to accommodate their choice and will be using a temporary alternate bin while they are in residence.

This unfortunately blurry shot shows Mrs. Wren with a mouthful of fresh twigs.

An electric Mr. Eastern Bluebird was spotted perched upon our out-building scoping out the birdhouse. He soon discovered birdhouse was presently occupied and flew off to inform his wife the old adage IS true, "Early bird DOES get the worm," or, rather in this case, the house, and that they would be required to make arrangements for shelter elsewhere.

We will be keeping a close eye our new guests to insure their safety from the scaredy cats who have resigned themselves to a life indoors because they spook too easily. Nevertheless, the windows will be open wide so our furry friends may no doubtedly enjoy daily entertainment from our feathered friends' sights and sounds.


  1. oh, how fun!!! We need to get some birdhouses up.

  2. We added a new bird feeder today and have been enjoying lots of visitors to our neck of the woods. There was much excitement when the new feeder was discovered and everyone stopped by to have a munch!In addition to our regular guests, we've seen and heard goldfinches, mockingbirds, a couple of brown headed black birds and some lovely rust colored birds (which I am trying to identify). I just love Spring!

    BTW, I saw a pic of Maddie in the tulips. She was just precious!