Saturday, February 11, 2012

YES! Young Brains Do Need Play

Regarding the Early Years, Charlotte Mason says of parents: "To form in his child right habits of thinking and behaving is a parent's chief duty...To nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas we believe to be the parent's next duty" ( Vol. 2, p. 228).

Contrary to the current performance-based, "the-earlier-the-better mentality," Mason also advocated postponing formal school lessons until the child is six.

"We (of the P.N.E.U) begin the definite 'school' education of children when they are six; they are no doubt capable of beginning a year or two earlier but the fact is that nature and circumstances have provided such a wide field of educaiton for young children that it seems better to abstain from requiring direct intellectual efforts until they have arrived at that age" (Vol.6, p.159).

New research is confirming what Charlotte Mason said 140 years ago,  that "it takes six years of ideal conditions where a child gives his heart to his parents."

Read more here:
"Young Brains Need Play; Preschoolers Learn Best While Having Fun."

This philosophy is why in my preschool class I provide numerous activities and experiences designed to help children explore and discover the world around them using all their senses.

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  1. I want some grandkids!
    Two weddings of my sons this year. One is in a few weeks! LOVE this and watching your preschoolers play!