Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Day of Sienna

We started out baking homemade Chocolate Ginger cookies.

Then, we made treats for the birds.....

which we hung outside for our feathered friends ....

We ate Sienna's favorite dinner, Steak and French Fries...Delish! Then off to watch the boys' basketball game and we got to see my other sweet niece, Jaden. They adore each other.

By now it was getting late, so we settled in, got our PJ's on, popped some buttery popcorn, painted our nails and watched a movie.We even jammed a while...

After a full day, we snuggled togetherbefore bed and read another episodes in Elsie's life...

On Sunday, Sienna & Jaden were both in my Sunday school class and we worshipped together.

We finished off the weekend with birthday cake for my dear mother-in-law, then home.
It was a great time and I hope to have another soon. First, its Silas' turn for A Weekend Vist. Don't worry, you're next little buddy!

The following day I watched the bird feeders to see who came by........It worked, they have been a big hit.

Mr. Chickadee is enjoying the treat immensely. He stops by with Mrs. Chickadee every afternoon. They stay as long as possible until Mrs. Mockingbird swoops down on them to get her share.

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