Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays Make Me Glad

After suiting up in our waterproof outerwear, we traipsed outside for our first Rain Walk of the new Preschool year! 

What fun we had listening to the sounds of raindrops tinkling upon our heads and if raindrops were gumdrops oh!, what a wonderful place this would be!!

By the sound of cheery chirping, we imagined the birds were quite happy too! 

We counted eight squiggly, wiggly earth worms taking a bath in tiny puddles and watched willow oak leaf boats float merrily down a little stream. 

We went on an explore along the edge of the "Hundred-Acre Wood" in our backyard spying for a glimpse at the residences of Pooh and Company.  We may have found Owl's in the hollow of a mighty old pin oak!

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  1. Oh Jennie...........that is a most beautiful post.

    Our neighbor now is in college where Evan is. She brought her rain boots and boy, is she glad. She jumps in the puddles ~~~ so maybe we should never grow up! Her boots are purple. Great shade too.