Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Goes to the Top of My Wishlist

Initially, I started reading the Gospel of Matthew in preparation for our Middle School Sunday School class's survery of the NT.Been studying this book for about 5 months now. Reading Matthew Henry's commentary alongside.

I recently read Chap. 25, the Parable of the Talents.

You know the story of the Master who left his money to three of his servants. Two of them invested the talents well and doubled them. But the third one buried his talents in fear of the master. When the Master returns he is well-pleased witht the first two servants, but the third, he banishes to the outer darkness.

Matthew Henry's commentary that really spoke to me was this:

"We must never look upon our improvements but with a general mention of God’s favour to us, of the honour he has put upon us, in entrusting us with his goods, and of that grace which is the spring and fountain of all the good that is in us or is done by us. For the truth is, the more we do for God, the more we are indebted to him for making use of us, and enabling us, for his service. Secondly, They produce, as an evidence of their faithfulness, what they have gained. Note, God’s good stewards have something to show for their diligence; Show me thy faith by thy works."

The artist in this video reminds me of the one who used his talent for God's glory. God gives each of us talents to use for Him.

Reminds me of that beloved Christmas song, The Little Drummer Boy.  I always get teary-eyed listening to this song because the only gift the little boy has to give Jesus is the talent that Jesus first gave Him. 

No matter the amount of the talent God gives us, (and He gives each of His children a special talent) we must use it ALL for Him so that when we stand before Him to give an account, we will hear those words we long for:  "Well-done, my good and faithful servant."

Fujimura - 4 Holy Gospels on Vimeo
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Thanks to Bonnie for introducing me to Makoto Fujimura!!

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