Sunday, July 13, 2008

Culitvating Spirituality in Children...

A dear friend of mine intived me over last week for lunch and to chat about our church's Sunday school curriculum. She and her husband recently inherited a class of intelligent, well-read, well-founded third and fourth graders.

She was finding the lessons to be below their level as well as incoherent. This was due to the constant stopping and starting built in the lesson to display pictures and or word phrases meant to help the children remember the lessons. However, all those interruptions only seemed to confuse the students more.

We discussed how a new friend of mine transformed twaddly VBS lessons into Living Lessons a la Charlotte Mason style.

That seemed to be inspiration enough. Today we are both presenting lessons similarily styled!

I also loved this recent post from LindaFay on Cultivating Spirituality in Children.

I especially liked this post because our Summer Children's Program is centered on teaching children HOW to pray. Keeping a journal was suggested as a way for the children to record prayers, praises and answers.

Although I do keep a list of prayers and petitions for Salvation it could be enhanced by keeping them in a journal with my sermon notes. Actually, I think I'll begin today.

Have a blessed Sabbath!


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  2. Thank you, Shelley, for inspiring ME!

  3. Charlotte Mason was right, in my opinion, we don't give our children credit for being thinking intelligent beings made in the image of God. We also don't give the Holy Spirit credit where credit is due.

  4. Hi Jennie. It is no accident that BOTH my girls' Sunday School teachers have a wonderful view of teaching. I appreciate you!