Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weave Truth or Fail as a Parent |

Weave Truth or Fail as a Parent :

"In What Is a Family, Edith Schaeffer writes:
“The primary place for the flag of truth to be handed on is in the family. The truth was meant to be given from generation to generation….
Explaining the things of the Bible, of God’s love, and of future prophecy is not meant to be something separated into a cubby-hole of “religious instruction” or “family prayer.”
As children grow older there is to be a flowing unity in talking about history, present world news, science, which has its seeds in the beginning days of the first understanding of sentences, the first questions.
Children’s questions must be taken seriously at the ages of two and three, or they won’t be continuing to ask you at twelve and twenty-three. The importance of being given answers and being treated as a significant human being begins as soon as answers are asked for…."

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